Our Mission

Our Vision

Community development through socially responsible education, health, and environmental programs.

Meet Our Executive Team

Mission Statement

It is the mission of "We Are Communities Foundation" to be the promotional force for humanitarian groups throughout the world. Our "Make-A-Difference" system unites commercial businesses with the community they serve to create a self-sustaining economic program for non-profit organizations. We fund valid education and community programs for building our next generation of community leaders.

Redefining Communities of Purpose

"We Are Communities Foundation" is an active 501(c)(3) non-profit NGO (Non-Government Organization #35-2283769) that supports global fundraising activities to benefit our children – our communities – and our planet. Our network provides a platform for providing exposure and financial support to non-profit organizations that are truly making a difference in our world today.

Our program connects commercial businesses and community members to non-profit groups to create a truly self-sustaining program for humanitarian groups to advance their cause and carry out their mission. We give them much needed exposure while providing a platform for growth.

Our commercial "for-profit" partners also benefit from our program since we expose them to 25 million plus trusted members and growing that will purchase goods and services from merchants that support them. This community method of people helping people will not only help create financial stability in our world, but will also resolve issues impacting the quality of our life today as well as generations to come.

For more information, call (866)-947-7WAC or send an email to info@wearecommunities.org.