About Us

Our Foundation

We Are Communities Foundation was founded in April 2005 as a California non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID #35-2283769. Our goal is to rebuild family communities by connecting businesses, residents, volunteers, and charitable organizations together for common social causes.

We Are Communities Foundation provides a platform for stimulating growth in the community through "cause marketing" techniques to network local businesses with their neighboring customers and civic representatives. Our organization not only makes it easier for consumers and members of non-profit organizations to find the best deals offered by their local merchants, but we support fundraising activities and sponsorship programs to support local schools, at-risk children, community programs and our environment.

Meet Our Executive Team

Connecting People in the Community

To support local merchants, "We Are Communities" provides a more cost effective method for merchants to connect with people in their local community versus traditional phone book, newspaper, television or radio advertising.

We have seen the emergence of powerful social media sites (such as Facebook) as a means of connecting people and businesses, but these sites are dominated by large national advertisers and aren’t as cost effective for smaller, community centric businesses.

Rebuilding the Community

In 2009, when impacts of the financial downturn were clearly starting to take its toll on American families throughout the country, we saw many people losing their homes and communities falling apart.

This had occurred because of high unemployment and local small businesses could no longer compete against larger conglomerates. People would travel into larger cities or buy products via the internet to find the best deals. People stopped making large purchases, which reduced the amount of local merchant revenue and sales tax collected to fund community events.

These actions caused many businesses to close their doors. Budgets for parks and recreation programs were slashed. The reduction in local tax dollars caused many school and community programs to be cut back or in some cases, completely cancelled.

This prompted us to create a community-based web portal for local merchants to re-connect with the consumers they serve. It is also a perfect method for travelers to the destination city to become instantly acquainted with the events, attractions, and deals available to the visitor.

For more information, call (866)-947-7WAC or send an email to info@wearecommunities.org.