Frequently Asked Questions

What is "We Are Community"?

"We Are Community" is the primary web marketplace that manages the specific city sites (such as "We Are Las Vegas," "We Are Los Angeles," etc.). "We Are Community" also hosts a series of industry specific web sites, such as "We Are Lawyers," "We Are Doctors," etc. "We Are Community" provides a local portal with news, events, shops, and vendors specific to the local community. Members of "We Are Community" receive special promotional discounts and offers from local merchants.

Is There A Membership Cost?

There is no cost to become a member of "We Are Community". Members receive discounts and promotional offers of significant value.

How Are Merchant Ratings Managed?

All merchants listed on the site are reviewed and rated by our members as well as by our assigned professional critiques. Our professional critiques provide an important local perspective to anyone looking for the best events, shopping, and restaurants.

How Does Someone Advertise on the Site?

"We Are Community" provides many methods of advertising your business. We create industry white papers, reviews, press releases, pod casts, videos, display advertising, email announcements, mobile ads, and vendor listing to promote our clients. For more information on advertising with "We Are Community", call (866)-947-7WAC or send an email to for additional information.

For more information, call (866)-947-7WAC or send an email to