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"We Are Community" technology is an advanced social networking collaboration system used to connect people of common interest. Companies, groups, and associations can license this technology for their very own private use.

Through this arrangement, companies have instant access to powerful features that can bridge corporate cultures and better facilitate communications between project leaders, researchers, association members, group members, and major stake holders.

Unlike other group-based social web sites, "We Are Community" provides the advanced tools necessary to support group communication.

Advanced Group Communication Features

  • Advanced collaboration between real-time private messaging, group messaging, white-boarding, and project conferencing.
  • Organizational mission, vision, and values management. This insures that all participates are focused on key organization goals and outcomes.
  • Skill based member management system.
  • Facilitated blogging and learning environment. Wisdom library for instant access to critical project information and "lessons-learned".
  • Ability to publish group information for review by members outside your private group.

Create a More Cohesive Organization

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