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Mobile Marketing and Customer Loyalty

byVincent Jackson
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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

 For local businesses and organizations who want to stay in touch with customers and members. Mobile provides merchants and non profits an ideal way to update people in your distribution list. For example if your organization wants to update people who are nearby of an event or special offer. Mobile SMS/texting has a quick delivery of mobile coupons etc and a higher open rate compared to other marketing options. Also mobile technology permits you to send out your offer to only people who are physically nearby. This means if people on your distribution list are out of the area they will not get your message since it may not apply to them if your offer is a lunch special or local event. This feature helps merchants maintain a loyal following while not alienating Opt-in customers.

Effective distribution lists should be multi-channel, meaning some people may want to receive your messages through email while others prefer mobile delivery.

For more information on how to use Mobile marketing technology in your organization contact Vincent Jackson at 949-264-2122.

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