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Something You Wont See Anywhere Else

byLauren Miller
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vegas has offered you a few things in your nightlife experience that have become staples in the industry as clubs constantly mimic each other. First, there was bottle service; a bit expensive for some but an experience like no other. Somewhere along the way came nightclubs atop casinos, giving guests views of the Strip and the Las Vegas valley.

And the newest trend is the mega-club that doubles as a pool club during the day.

OK, you may be asking yourself, is there anything Vegas hasn't copied from another club?

Well, it's hard to find, really. But at ghostbar you'll find not only something you won't see at any other Las Vegas club, but an environment unlike any other.

Ghostbar is located 55 stories up inside the Palms and gives ridiculously cool views of the Strip and features bottle service (not all trends can be broken). But the real charm of ghostbar is the glass panel in the floor of the balcony (that gives you a creepy feeling no matter how secure you are about heights) and, that with more of a lounge kind of vibe and absence of a dance floor, you feel like you're at a party with about 300 of your closest friends.

Sure the view from balcony is utterly amazing, but you'll feel more intrigued to check out the glass panel, which lets you stare straight down to the Palms Pool and Bungalows. Odds are you'll get freaked out, but you'll boast about it when you get back home.

But once you cross that frontier and wander back inside the club you so quickly bypassed, you'll notice not too many people are really dancing. Sure, there's some people swaying back and forth in their booths and a couple getting close nearby, but it's not the sea of bodies rocking the same old dance moves we expect everywhere else.

That's because at ghostbar the in thing to do is to relax, knock back a few drinks and maybe find some new friends.

The room is filled with plush-leather, sofa-style seating but not in a way that clutters it up. Depending on the crowd, you could even find room between the booths and the bar to dance if you feel so inclined. But at ghostbar we recommend springing for bottle service because that's what the experience here is truly about. Plus it gives you a nice space of your own and at any Las Vegas club that's always a plus.

Once you get a chance to really survey the room you may think that there is somewhat of a Starship Enterprise vibe going on here. The lighting and sci-fi silver color give it that feel, but you won't see any Cleons here. But once you stand on the window, overlooking certain death, and vertigo sets in you might feel what it's like to beam up.


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Article contributed by Lauren Miller

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